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19th Century America from the Gold Rush to the Founding of Fresno County 

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Welcome to our Time Travelers experience is designed to transport you to the 19th Century right here in Fresno County, California.  On your journey, you will meet the early settlers of the county and learn how our city was once the Wild West, full of vice, fertile soil and opportunity.  

Discover early medical practices and the everyday life of the first residents in our region. Learn about local historical figures, including Mary Jane McKenzie Hoxie, our first teacher, to Lewis Leach, the first doctor in the area. 

Experience the Native American story and explore our early immigrant communities that settled the West Side of Fresno and established enclaves across the county as they built neighborhoods, founded churches and brought their own unique and colorful cultures to weave into our Valley tapestry. 

This special event is made possible by the support of Fresno Unified School District, Educational Employees Credit Union, Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce, Clovis Unified School District, Assemi Group Inc, Smittcamp Family Foundation, The Bonner Family Foundation and California Bank & Trust, with additional support from the Fresno County Superintendent of  Schools, the Garabedian Foundation and Bank of America.


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