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The Fresno County Historical Society has been collecting photographs that document the rich history of the central San Joaquin Valley since our founding in 1919. The Photograph Collection is comprised of photographs that were not part of an archives or manuscript collection, or were donated ala carte. The collection includes series which focus on the City of Fresno, Fresno County, General Subjects, Oversized photographs, and the Portrait Collection. Since 2015, the archives staff and volunteers like Sue Loucks have digitized hundreds of photographs for digital preservation and improved access to these archival materials. Stay tuned for more photographs over the next few months.

These City of Fresno elementary school photographs include charming class portraits and school buildings. These images are just a small portion of our schools collections. We have another City of Fresno box for the rest of the elementary schools, middle schools and high schools, as well as a box of schools photographs for Fresno County. We also have several archival collections beyond photographs that document the rich history of our local schools.


F10 Emerson Elementary School, 1897 (1).

Emerson Elementary School with students, originally known as K Street School, circa 1897. Photographed by H.H. Alexander.

These images are available for academic or personal research use. Higher resolution scans can be ordered for use in books, magazines, film, postcards, advertising, television, web page, brochures, reports, and calendars. Commercial, publication, film, or media use requires permission from the Fresno County Historical Society. Contact the Society Archivist for cost options at

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F1 Bullard Schoolhouse, circa 1910

F2 Bullard Elementary School Building, circa 1920

F3 C Street School, circa 1898

F4 C Street School with children lined up in front, circa 1900

F6 Columbia Elementary School, Back of New Addition, Feb 12, 1915

F7 Columbia Elementary School, Front of New Addition, Feb 18, 1915

F8 C Street School class on steps, circa 1896 N: Present[ed] By C. Osborn, Photo artist to the Principal of the C St. School, George Cosgrove.

F10 Emerson Elementary School with students, originally known as K Street School, circa 1897. Photographed by H.H. Alexander.

F12 Emerson School building with elevated walkway and connected building, circa 1900

F13 Emerson School Room 1 Class Portrait,1928

F14 Emerson School Room 8 Class Portrait, 1928

F15 Emerson School Room 11 Class Portrait, 1928

F16 Emerson School Room 13 Class Portrait, 1928

F17 Emerson School Room 16 Class Portrait, 1928

F18 Emerson School 6th Grade Class Portrait, 1939

F18 Emerson Elementary School Room K Class, May 11, 1960

F20 Emerson School Room 2 Class Portrait, May 11, 1960

F21 Emerson School Room 4 Class Portrait, May 11, 1960

F22 Emerson School Room 5 Class Portrait, May 11, 1960

F23 Emerson School Room 6 Class Portrait, May 11, 1960

F24 Emerson School Room 8A Class Portrait. Male teacher, May 11, 1960

F25 Emerson School Room 8B Class Portrait. Female teacher, May 11, 1960

F26 Study hall at Fresno Grammar School on first floor of first Fresno High School on O Street, circa 1900. Principal Frank Lane in back.

F27 Fresno Kindergarten Wagon with two teachers, circa 1889 N: On the horse, Lester H. Easton and Elsa B. Einstein. Holding the reins, J.T. (Tot) Tupper. With hands above S, Fred Markham. Standing in white dress, Dewitt (Nick) Justy (a boy). Standing in short dress, another boy ______ Church.

F28 Fresno Kindergarten Wagon, circa 1890

F29 Fresno Kindergarten Wagon with horse, circa 1890

F30 Fresno Free Kindergarten, circa 1890

F31 Fresno Kindergarten Class, circa 1887 N: First row, seated 2nd from left, Henry Tupper. Right end, Berton Einstein. Back row 4th from right, Emil Gundelfinger. 5th from right Walter Gundelfinger.

F32 Fresno Kindergarten Class Picnic, circa 1888 N: Front row from left Elsa Einstein, J.T. (Tot) Tupper, unidentified, Dr. R.B. (Rolly) Tupper. Identified students are marked with x. Circa 1888.

F33 Fresno Public Kindergarten, March 1909.

F34 Unidentified Kindergarten class, circa 1910.

F35 Hawthorne School Building, circa 1910.

F37 Hawthorne Elementary School 5th and 6 Grade, circa 1910.

F38 Hawthorne Elementary School 4th Grade Class, Feb 10, 1902

F40 Hawthorne Elementary School Class, circa 1925 N: Leslie Harvard Comstock per ink mark [Back row, third from right] Fresno Street and N, faced on Fresno St., where Memorial Auditorium is now (1973). Torn down in early 1930s. Behind it was White School. It was a continuation school before it was torn down.

F41 Hawthorne School Raisin Day Float, circa 1913 Boys: 1st from right - Milo E. Rowell; 3rd from right - Montague Parsons; 4th from right - O.J. Woodward. Girls: 1st from teacher - Eleanor Esinger; 5th from teacher - Elizabeth Warner; 9th from teacher - Verna Vogel.

F42 T.L. Heaton Elementary School Kindergarten Class, June 2, 1949

F43 Highland School 3rd Grade Class, October 18, 1950, Miss Bianco, teacher

F47 Jackson Elementary School 4th Grade Class, 1934 First row: Rosie Trosi, unidentified, Marjorie Betts, unidentified, Georgia Kay Anderson, Lorraine Furlong, Elaine Harvard, Barbara Harvard, Stella Mazman, unidentified, and unidentified. Second Row: Junior Woo, Billy Campbell, Eugene Brinker, Donald Lund, Eniar Nielson, Perry Olson, Leonard Sullivan, Roger Hocker, Andrew Mazman, Charles Ashley, Frank Trosi, Merritt Howard, and Doris King. Third Row: Jack Leo, Peter Manson, Ernest Wold, Gladys

F48 Jackson Elementary School Room 15 Class, Feb 1934. First row: Ella Lorraine or Eloise Cartright, Jean Farris, Joyce Carlsen, Richard Gregory, Donald Smith, Bob Grange, Henry Cummins, Lawrence Coogan, Mary Bernhauer, Barbara Mills, Marion Ludwig or Lauridsen, and Joan Sutton. Second row: Lloyd Stagman, Loren Kemp, Marion Elliot, Donald Allison, Robert Wold, Barrett Lear, [teacher]Ethel Barieau, Ralph Diffenburke?, Frank Mitchell, Evelyn Smith, Paul Richard, Charles Kerney, Mr. Ball. Third row

F49 Jackson Elementary School Rm 15 Class, Feb 16, 1935 Row I: Bobby Fritz, Junior Woo, Frank Trosi, Billy Niel, Donald Lord, Merritt Howard, Barbara Loomis, Gwendolyn Griffiths, Gloria Hansen, Rosie Trosi, Doris King, and Georgia Kay Anderson. Row II: Einor Nielson, Leonard Sullivan, Arthur Clover or Culver, Perry Olsen, Donald Howard, unidentified, Elaine, Hansen, Stella Mazman, Jerry Hudson, Joyce Fine and Ann Parrish. Row III: Peter Manson, Roger Hocker, Andrew Mazman, Bruce Smith, Cobby St

F50 Jackson Elementary School Rm 15 Class, Dec 3, 1935 First Row: Joyce Fine, Barbara Loomis, Lois Cook, Celia Aney, Bobby Fritz, Junior Woo, Clifford Forbes, Arthur Culver, Donald Lord, and Perry Olsen. Second Row: Gloria Hansen, Doris King, Gwendolyn Griffiths, Einar Nielsen, Leonard Sullivan, Charles Ashley, Cobby Street, Bill Rhodes, and Peter Manson. Third Row: Myrtle June Sorensen, Anne Parrish, Dorothy Hansen, unidentified, Gladys Fries, Lorraine Furlong, and Marjorie Betts. Forth Row:

F51 Jackson Elementary School Room 15 5th and 6th Grade Class, May 5, 1938 Front Row: Juanita Bunnell, Jane Martin, Claire Lathy, Joyce Sheridan, Anna Lee Kemp, Bobbe Stephens, Shirley DePew, Maxine Goodbar, Phyllis Hanby, Evelin Santos, and Janice Connerly. Second Row: Deran Bohahan, Rose Marie Minanan, Mary Warner, [teacher] Ethel Barieau, Dorothy Poytreu, Jane Bradley, Corrina Knapp, Ann Montgomery, and Walter Scott. Third Row (back row): Billy Long, JackWren, William Eddy, Wallace Davis, Cal

F52 Jackson Elementary School Rm 15 High and Low 6th Grade Class, Mar 16, 1939 Front Row: Jack Wren, Dwight Spears, Jimmy Dugovic, Donnie Greene, Berton Barker, Ted Lewis, Victor Enns, Edward Kellas, and Whitney Say. Second Row: Helen Martin, Winifred Turner, Maxine Goodbar, Wanda Miller, Nancy Carr, Patricia Peterson, Ruth Bengston, Lois Blakely, Marion Roderick, Violet Williams, and Norma Hornback. Third Row: Charles Robert, Willa Dean Tanning, Patty Paul, Shirley Kurcheloe, Margaret Jensen,

F53 Jackson Elementary School 6th Grade

F53 Jackson Elementary School Room 13 and 15 6th Grade Classes, Jun 10, 1932 Room 13 and 15. Teachers - Rose Sugget and Ethel Barieau. Roy Carr, Glenn Colver, Kenneth Crawford Stanley Dunphy, Jack Hansen, Pete Hansen, William Johnson, John Jones, Lawrence Kast, Loren Loft, Gordon Maybee, Billy McKee, George McWherter, Bobby Montgomery, Leslie Hansen, Virgil Pittman, Jack Roth, Harry Tarr, Deran Tullas, Edward Wilkinson, Velma Anderson, Norma Broemser, Carolyn Fuller, Naomi Hopkins, Jerry Hudson

F54 Jackson Elementary School Room 15 High 6th Grade Class, Nov 10, 1936 Front row - from left to right: Billy Campbell, Billy Kepenhefer, David Britton, Teddy Howard, Melba Higgins, Elsie Mlee?, Olavie? Parsons, Marjorie Hughes, Elanor Lefever, Alice Maxman, and Ruth Jean Whitmore. Second Row: Tommy Ashley, Robert Smith, Robert Greene, Jim Hays, Clayton Credell, Marylnn Rockwell, Carol Kidwell, Mary Louise Mayo, Gladys Arbuckle, Barbara Baker, Patricia Matthews, Marjorie Hruska, Caroline Tourne

F55 Jackson Elementary School High 6th Grade Class, Jan 18, 1939 Back Row: Frank Variella, Billy Spenhoff, William Eddy, Wallace Doris, Walter Scott, Preston Holcomb, Ronald Burt, Whitney Say, Arthur Ellenson, and Jack Wren. Middle Row: Calvin Scott, Alex Kisling, Frank Dugovic, Juanita Bunnell, Ardath Allen, Janice Connerly, Jane Bradley, Elinor Tavookjian, Joyce Sheridan, Mary Warner, Alfred Benninger, Allen Williams, and Jackie Odam. Front Row. Corrina Knapp, Joane Reiss, Bobbe Stephens, Ann

F56 Patricia Gearhart, Jackson Elementary School 6th Grade, Dec 1940.

F57 Jackson Elementary School 6th Grade Boys Portraits, Dec 1940 First: Jack Oder, Charlie Culpepper. Second: Tony Guinn, Emmett Green. Third: Francis Wold, Bruce Martin. Fourth: unidentified, Allen Warner. Principal Lars Barstad, 1940.

F58 Jackson Elementary School 6th Grade Portraits, Dec 1940 First Row: Richard thrashen, Shirley Noese, Betty Bennett, Barbara Carlson, and Kathryn Scott. Second Row: Kenneth Andersen, Norma Tavookjian, Wilma Williamson, Madaline Love, and Patrica Gearhart. Third Row: Rae Farrar, Alice Cha,berlain, Florinne Knowljan?, Marceline Rancesconi, and Ezvera Matthews. Fourth Row: Tommy Marker, Anita Middlemen, Barbara Siegrist, Melba Denutsell, and Ramona Hutching. Principal Lars Barstad

F59 Jackson Elementary School 6th Grade Portraits, Dec 1940

F60 Jackson Elementary School Traffic Patrol, Dec 3, 1935 Top Row: John Jorgensen, Earl Rowe, Einar Nielsen, Roger Hocker, Glenn McAllister, and Peter Manson. Bottom Row: Robert Schmidt, Teddy Howard, Donald Faulkner, Donald Ware, Arthur Culver, Junior Woo, and Kenneth Scott as flag bearer.

F61 Jackson Elementary School Rm 15 Class, March 26, 1941 Back Row: Kennith Synder, Jimmy Wilkie, Chales Cady, Duane Barker, Billy Philippe,Fred Kuste, Roy West,Eugene Robertson,John Dillon; 2nd Row: Alvin Costa, Jerry Guinn, Ronald Segel, Bobby Bier, Thelma Jensen (student teacher),James Crockett,Mrs. Barieau, John Jurkovich, George Woodruff; 3rd Row: Matilda Buck,Marilyn Conner, Mary Jane Alemian, Barbara Matthew, Maxine Hayes, Mary Burnell, Barbara Buck Fries,Nadine Todd, Eleanor Castleberry,

F62 Jackson Elementary School Room 15 High 6th Grade Class, Jan 21, 1941 Teacher Ethel Barieau at right.

F63 Jackson Elementary School Traffic Patrol, Apr 1, 1941 Teacher Ethel Barieau at right.

F69 Kroeger School Building at 501 Echo Ave, circa 1900

F70 Lafayette Elementary School Morning Kindergarten Class, May 3, 1944

F71 Lafayette Elementary School Room 1 Class, Mar 1, 1945

F74 Lowell Elementary School Building, circa 1920.

F75 Lowell Elementary School 6th Grade Class, circa 1900

F76 Lowell Elementary School Class, circa 1900

F77 Lowell Elementary School 3rd Grade Class, circa 1904

F78 Lowell Elementary School Class Portrait, circa 1900

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