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Embark on a 150-year journey throughout Fresno County's colorful past; one that winds through lush vineyards and rambling ranches, visit vibrant communities and towns long silent, cheers local athletes to Olympic gold, and sautes our heros who bravely served in this country's military, both at home and abrod.  Climb the highest peaks of the mighty Sierra Nevada Mountians and harvest the timber using only toold of yore. Expereince the bounty of our diverse museums of cultre, valor and preservation that proudly showcase our multi-ethnic heritage.  This 304-page was the collaboration of more than 150 contributors in partnership with the Fresno County Office of Education and covers more than 200 topics complete with timelines, stories and over a thousand historical and present day photographs.  Published in 2006 for the Fresno County Sesquicentennial. 

"Celebrating the Journey" 150 Years of Fresno County and Beyond

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