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For over 100 years, the Fresno County Historical Society has worked to bring life to the heritage of our region by collecting, preserving, interpreting and holding in public trust the records and artifacts that document the people of Fresno County and the Central Valley of California. The Society is member-supported and relies on philanthropic donations, sponsorships and grant funds to fulfill our important mission. We provide the community with educational opportunities through excellent events, important exhibitions and by making collections available for study and research.  The Fresno County Historical Society encourages and promotes the preservation and conservation of our community's historic and cultural resources. An enhanced effort is being made to ensure current events are being captured and recorded for the benefit of future generations.


Thank You

   to these generous donors

Founders' Circle Member

Mr. Paul Gibson and Ms. Joan Eaton

Ms. Sayre Miller 

Leon S. Peters Foundation
Mrs. Bernice Woolf 

FCHS Patron

Dr. Lee & Mrs. Carol Copeland 
Dr. Connor & Mrs. Kristin Telles

Kearney Council Member

Mr. Neil Burson

Mr. John Chandler

Dr. Virginia Eaton

Mr. Brad & Mrs. Linda Fischer  

Mr. Bryan Griffith

Mr. James & Mrs. Coke Hallowell 

Mrs. Mary Howard

Mr. Rodger Jensen 

Mr. Robert & Mrs. Elizabeth Kimball

Mrs. Tamsen Munger 

Honorable Robert H. & Mrs. Stephanie Oliver

Mr. Don & Mrs. Judy Peracchi

Ms. Christina Perryman 

Mr. Chris & Mrs. Sarah Woolf

Ms. Katie Zenovich

Zenith Insurance Company

Legacy Member

 Ms. Caroline Arakelian

Mr. Peter & Mrs. Lynn Baldwin 

Mr. Glenn Barber

Mr. John Brock

Mr. Michael Chappell

Mr. William Conway

Ms. Michelle DenBeste 

Mr. William Eaton

Mr. John & Mrs. Carole Harris 

Mr. Richard Johanson

Mr. Guenter Krueger

Ms. Mary Lee Levy

Mr. Paul & Mrs. Kathy Mesple

Mr. Edwin & Mrs. Kristan O'Neill

Mr. Donald & Mrs. Judith Peracchi

Mr. Jim and Mrs. Elaine Salvatore

Dr. Gregory Simpson

Mr. Coulter Woolf
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Shelly Woolf 

**As of September 2021

19_M Theo Kearney, 1903 for web.jpg

"M. Theo Kearney, President of the Raisin Growers Association, is a very able gentleman and one with strong convictions and a faculty for expressing them in no uncertain language."

San Jose Mercury News, June 1, 1901

City of Fresno 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee, 1960. Donated by Van Dyne families of Fresno County.

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