It's a land in which we often impose our dreams. This notion of vastness, . . . this notion of unknown empty spaces in which you can project then all kinds of images, all kinds of dreams and aspirations onto the land.

~ Alex Sargoza, A Land Between Rivers, 2006

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Be a History Volunteer!

Assist with historical research, help organize and describe collections or possibly work on a special collections project.  Help prepare history material for classroom use, work on a history event, or assist with administrative tasks.  It’s all vital and all part of helping preserve and share the history of the San Joaquin Valley. 

You can be an ACTIVE VOLUNTEER  -  someone who donates six or more hours a month.   There have been a number of volunteers over the years who have enjoyed volunteering a morning or afternoon a week which has allowed them to take on long-term projects.  

You can be a SPECIAL EVENTS VOLUNTEER  - someone who donates their time at one or more Historical Society special events during the year  -  the Civil War Revisited, programs or a book talk.


How to Become a Volunteer

If you would like to explore volunteer opportunities, we would very much like to talk with you about them.  Some include working directly with regional history, some might lead to the development of new skills,  all of them lead to sharing yourself and some of your expertise with the community.  Volunteer hours are generally available Tuesday through Friday between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.  During special events, volunteering sometimes falls on evenings and weekends. Active volunteers receive a 20% discount in the Historical Society’s museum store.

Download the volunteer application (PDF file) - see link at the bottom of this page.

After you fill it out, email it to 

We will be in touch with you soon after receiving your application.  Please call us if you have additional questions (559.441.0862) or if you should need us to mail you an application.  You can also be in touch with us via email (   

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