I sometimes picture my farm as a battlefield with troops of people struggling with nature in a hundred-year war.

Germans, Italians, Chinese and Japanese, Armenians, Filipinos, and Mexicans---their voices have sounded over this farm, their families have walked these rows . . .

~ David Mas Masumoto, Epitaph for a Peach

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Kearney Mansion Museum School & Group Tours

Kearney Mansion Museum, Photo by Rich Barrett


School Tours 

Note: Home Schools and Online Schools - See Group Tours below

Bring your class for a visit to one of the San Joaquin Valley’s most significant historic sites that helps tell the story of the development of agriculture in the Valley and California’s immigration story. Come and explore with your students a remarkable piece of regional and California history!

  • Tour the 115-year-old Kearney MansionThe historic ranch manager’s house served as the headquarters for Kearney’s 5,000-acre Fruit Vale estate and is located in historic Kearney Park  - a perfect setting to have a picnic lunch after our class tour! 
  • Learn about the agricultural beginnings of California’s San Joaquin Valley through the story of one of California’s agricultural pioneers --- M. Theo Kearney.
  • Experience one-room school house in the Carriage House Education Center complete with 120-year-old school desks - one for each student, 20 maximum. These desks fit smaller children around 3rd grade level.
  • Explore household objects from the 1890s - a rug beater, curling iron, butter bowl & paddle, wash board, game of nine-pins - through a hands-on “History Detective” activity. 
  • Learn about Fresno of the 1890s through a teacher-led slide show that features children growing up in late 19th century America, illustrating how they dressed, the toys they played with, and the school experience.  Lead students to compare and contrast their lives in the 21st century with how boys and girls lived in the early years of Fresno’s history.
  • A field trip to Kearney Mansion Museum meets California Social Science Standards - 3.1 (2)    2.3 (2 and 3)     3.4 (3)


Carriage House Education Center: (Closed for Renovations)

Please tell our tour coordinator that you would like to include a trip to the Carriage House Education Center as a part of your field trip. Teacher will lead Carriage House activities. Please allow two hours for the Mansion tour, Carriage House and Ranch Kitchen/Museum Store.


School Tour Fees*

$4 per student     $6 per adult chaperone   1 teacher per classroom is free

Minimum tour fee $60. Minimum tour fee at Christmas time $100. Christmas prices may vary.


Tour Schedule 

Tuesdays – Fridays           Tours at 9:30AM, 10:30 AM & 11:30 AM    Allow 2 hours per 40 students

*subject to tour guide availability

To Book A Tour

Contact Tour Coordinator Candice Hill at chill@valleyhistory.org or call the Society office at (559) 441-0862 to schedule your tour. 

Group & Home School Tours

Make Kearney Mansion a destination for your group! Come out with friends or colleagues for a glimpse of the San Joaquin Valley’s beginnings. Learn about early Valley agriculture through the life and times of M. Theo Kearney, a California agriculture pioneer. Tour a turn-of-the-century ranch manager’s house, a great example of a late 19th century residential interior. Experience the grounds of Kearney’s 1890s landscape.

The hour-long tour includes a visit to the Ranch Kitchen/Museum Store.

For home school tours, additional time can be used to visit the teacher-led Carriage House activity.

Group tours may be scheduled to accommodate an organization’s needs but are subject to tour guide availability. A minimum of 15 guests is required or a minimum of $60 must be met. Tours must be booked at least two weeks in advance, and a minimum, non-refundable deposit of $60 or 1/2 tour fee whichever is greater must be received approximately two weeks before the tour date. 

Groups under 15 visitors are encouraged to join our regular public tours on Saturdays or Sundays at 1, 2 or 3 pm. Group tours during public tour hours at Christmas time or other special events must pay prevailing entrance fees. Minimum tour fee at Christmas time is $100.

Group Tour Schedule by Appointment*

Tuesdays – Fridays          Tours at 9:30 AM, 10:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 1:30 PM &  2:30 PM

*subject to tour guide availability, times flexible

Saturdays - Sundays 1:00, 2:00 & 3:00 pm with public tours - no reservation required for groups under 15 persons

Tour Fees*

$6 per adult (including teacher/group leader)       

$5 per senior (62 and above)/student 7th grade and over

$4 per student 6th grade and under/child (no minimum age)

Park entrance fee: $5 per car

*Christmas prices may vary, and weekend tour fees may be greater than special group tour rates. 

To Book A Tour

Contact Tour Coordinator Candice Hill at chill@valleyhistory.org or call the Society office at (559) 441-0862 to schedule your tour. 


Disabled Visitors

Due to the historic nature of the house museum, the second floor is not accessible for disabled guests. A photo album of the second floor is available for viewing. 

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