As far as the eye can reach it extends, a heaving, swelling sea of green . . . . the whole landscape showed design, like man's nobelist sculptures. How wonderful the power of its beauty! Gazing awestricken, I might have left everything for it.

~ John Muir, 1867

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Board of Trustees & Staff

Merry Wives Club, circa 1910

Board of Trustees


Elizabeth Laval, President

Sayre Miller, Chair

Chris Woolf, Vice-Chair

Martin Ilic, Treasurer

Dan Adams, Secretary

Bill Chandler

Brad Jones

Robert Oliver

Chuck Rigsbee

Walter Smith


Honorary Trustee

Vincent Petrucci*

Legal Counsel

Chris Campbell

* In Memory



Elizabeth Laval - President

Candice Pendergrass - Event Director

Barbara James Higgins - Membership Coordinator, Museum Store   

Katy Hogue - Archivist   

Candice Hill Troutman - Kearney Mansion Museum Weekend Staff

Amanda Welsh - Kearney Mansion Museum Weekend Staff

Dennis Scott - Building and Grounds

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