We had come to this dry area . . . and we had paused in it and built our houses and we were slowly creating the legend of our life. We were digging for water and we were leading streams through the dry land. We were planting and ploughing and standing in the midst of the garden that we were making.

~ William Saroyan

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Reedley Deneens Baseball Team, circa 1905

This digital exhibit explores early baseball history in Fresno County. From recreation and sponsored teams to semiprofessional competition, Fresno embraced America’s pastime. Fireman’s Field at the Fresno Fairgrounds hosted annual games between the Fresno Police and Fire Departments. The Fresno Expositor and The Fresno Morning Republican sponsored teams and The Fresno Bee had a Playograph scoreboard to track the World Series. The Fresno Cubs were the first all African American team in Fresno and they played against Mexican and Nisei teams lead by Kenichi Zenimura. Fresno’s own Frank Chance, Hubert “Dutch” Leonard, and Tom Seaver went on to major league stardom. Click here to explore Take Me Out to the Ball Game!


This exhibit was made possible through the research and writing of archives volunteer Michael Wilson.

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