As far as the eye can reach it extends, a heaving, swelling sea of green . . . . the whole landscape showed design, like man's nobelist sculptures. How wonderful the power of its beauty! Gazing awestricken, I might have left everything for it.

~ John Muir, 1867

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Digital Exhibits

Charming Chinese Boy Scouts: Edwin Lee, right; Richard Mock; George Wong, and Allen Lew, left.

A digital exhibit, also called an online or virtual exhibit, is a selection of images and documents chosen around an interpretive theme and supplemented with descriptive text in an online format. Digital exhibits offer universal access to information to those without the resources to travel to visit museums. Online exhibits have been created by a variety of museums, archives, universities and libraries. At large institutions, digital exhibits are created to supplement physical exhibits or as an independent project. The largest platform for digital exhibits is Google Arts & Culture. The California State Archives uses this platform to share their holdings, including a recent exhibit titled A Campaign to Unite the Nation: Robert F. Kennedy's 1968 Presidential Campaign in California

Smaller organizations have embraced digital exhibits as a cost-effective way to share their resources with a broader audience. See below for links to a variety of digital exhibit styles and topics. Archivist Katy Hogue is happy to announce our digital exhibit page on Flickr This photo sharing platform allows the Society to create exhibit albums with an introduction, as well as detailed image and document descriptions. Digital exhibits are ideal for our lesser known and smaller collections, such as a small family collection or a single scrapbook. Larger exhibits, which have been featured in our cases at Fresno City Hall, will also so be shared once they are no longer on display. Explore all of our digital exhibits on the Fresno Historical Society Archives page on Flickr.

Historic Photograph Reproductions

Interested in purchasing a digital reproduction of an exhibit photograph? Please email for more information and review our guidelines for Historic Photograph Reproductions.

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