We had come to this dry area . . . and we had paused in it and built our houses and we were slowly creating the legend of our life. We were digging for water and we were leading streams through the dry land. We were planting and ploughing and standing in the midst of the garden that we were making.

~ William Saroyan

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Employment Opportunities



The Fresno Historical Society is seeking a weekend tour guide to begin to conduct public tours of the Kearney Mansion Museum on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The guide will need to be available from 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm. The guide must be comfortable with speaking to small or large groups of people of different ages and backgrounds and must be able to climb stairs from the first floor to the second floor. A general knowledge of California/Fresno history would be helpful, but not required. Reliable transportation to and from the museum is required (the museum is located in Kearney Park and is not located on a bus route). The tour guide will receive special training in order to interpret the history of the 1903 Kearney Mansion and the life of M.Theo Kearney. The guide should be available for tours during special events that occur several times a year. This is a paid hourly position. Interested applicants, please contact Executive Director Ruth Lang at (559) 441-0862 or rlang@valleyhistory.org. Equal Opportunity Employer.

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