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The Great Kearney BBQ Smoke Out event committee will review all applications and select applicable vendors. Please note space is limited. Applications should be submitted to Cami Cipolla at . Payment is required once approval is granted. You will be emailed a link to pay online.


The application deadline is September 1, 2022. Vendors will not be accepted after this deadline. Please note, submitting an application does not guarantee your participation at the event.


This event takes place outdoors and is a Rain or Shine event. FCHS does not guarantee your financial success at this event and vendor fees are non-refundable for any reason. All proceeds from vendor’s sales belong to the vendor and FCHS does not take a percentage of your sales.



  • Complete, sign and return the Liability Agreement included with this application. Vendors who do not complete the Liability Agreement will not be permitted to operate at the event.

  • Each vendor is provided with one (1) 10x10 space; additional space is available for an additional fee. Vendor provides their own set up, including tent (with weights), tables, chairs, etc. If you do not have tables of your own, FCHS can provide tables for an additional fee. Tables must be ordered in advance of the event.

  • Vendor booth placement is at the discretion of the FCHS staff and event committee. Vendors will be informed of their location, expected set-up times, and clean-up procedures 10 days prior to the event.

  • In order for visitors to experience a variety of craft options, duplicate items will not be accepted. Categories will be based on first come, first served after full payment.

  • Electric: Please note that no electric hook ups are available at this event. Event lighting will be provided.

  • Parking: Vendors will be sent instructions on all parking options prior to the event. Each vendor will be directed to a specific parking location. Vehicles will NOT be allowed inside the park grounds until after event ends and permission from event staff is given.

  • Photos & video: Vendors agree to allow FCHS event photographers to photograph and videotape your booth and product during the event. Photos may be used in future promotional materials. Complete and return Photo Release Form

  • On the day of the event, vendors must be set up no later than 10:30AM. All vehicles MUST be removed from the park grounds no later than 10:00AM.

  • Vendors are responsible for the safety and security of their items. FCHS is not responsible for property that is left unattended at any time.

Artisan & Exhibitor Vendors’ Responsibilities & Requirements:


  • As this is an entertainment event, all vendors are highly encouraged to conduct activities and demonstrations in their booth, particularly for those businesses related to children.

  • Vendors are responsible for their entire booth set-up. It is very important for all vendors to be set up on time. Being late could impact participation. Please set up between 7:00AM and 10:30AM on Saturday, September 24th (Early set up on September 23rd available upon request – Early load-in waiver will be required.)

  • Vendors are responsible for tear-down and cleaning up their entire area at the end of the event. This includes removal of all trash from your designated area at the end of the event. Dumpsters will be provided. Please do not place your garbage in the small containers meant for guest use. Space must be returned to its original condition or vendor may be charged a clean-up fee.

  • Each vendor is provided one (1) 10’x10’ space; additional space is available for an additional fee. All items, equipment and materials MUST fit inside purchased vendor space. No items will be allowed to be placed outside of the approved area. Sidewalks, walkways and throughways must remain clear of items for safety purposes.

  • Vendors are responsible for their own signage, including banners, labels and marketing materials (such as menus, flyers, cards, etc.)

  • Amplified sound is not permitted in your booth space.

  • Vendors must weight their tents. In order to protect sprinkler lines, tent stakes are not permitted. • Vendors are expected to remain at the event until it ends at 9:00PM. Vehicles will not be permitted to drive onto the park grounds during the event. If necessary, Vendors will need to transport items to their vehicles by hand during event hours.


Contact Information

Thanks! We will contact you soon.


$25                                 Non-Profit Community Booth        (Information only/No Product Sales) 


$50                                                                  Artisan Booth

(Selling Hand-Made Items)


$300                                       Commercial Vendor Booth

(Selling/Promoting Commercial
Products and Services)

$30 per/5 feet                                      Additional Space

$20 each                                                          8-foot table

Payment due upon approval, ONLY if selected by Committee. Failure to pay within one week of approval will cause the forfeiture of your spot. Do not send payment until you have been approved by the Committee.