We had come to this dry area . . . and we had paused in it and built our houses and we were slowly creating the legend of our life. We were digging for water and we were leading streams through the dry land. We were planting and ploughing and standing in the midst of the garden that we were making.

~ William Saroyan

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Board of Trustees & Staff

Board of Trustees

Dan Adams, President

Chuck Rigsbee, Vice-President

Sayre Miller, Past President

Secretary, Bruce Owdom

Gary Renner, Treasurer

Alisha Anderson

Bill Chandler

Harry Gill

Peter McDonald

Robert Oliver

Vincent Petrucci

Jim Vidak


Legal Counsel

Chris Campbell



Executive Director  -  Open

Ruth Lang -  Operations Manager   rlang@valleyhistory.org

Barbara James Higgins - Membership Coordinator & Clerical Support    bhiggins@valleyhistory.org

Jeff Escobedo - Weekend Museum Staff

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